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As I walk up the stairs, the hem of soft grey dress rises up, just an inch, and exposes the top of my thigh highs.We sneak away from the crowded party, and we giggle as we close our hosts’ bedroom door.You and I live on the same block, but we don’t know each other very well, and we each received invitations to the same Neighborhood Christmas Party.Since I am single this year, maybe I will feel out of place because of all the married couples in the neighborhood.It was a little hot, but by the time they made it to the mountains it had cooled off due to their altitude.When they got to the site they unpacked the car, and Sarah's parents set up their tent and ...I throw caution to the wind, and I put on my beautiful sweater dress and very sexy black lingerie.

I hardly knew anyone there so I loaded up my plate, grabbed a bottle and headed out to a large balcony that was off the reception room. He has his chair positioned at the computer screen. It was more excited to go w this "special" friend of mine, because he is so fun, very open minded about me being into girls as much as I am into men as well. His cock nearly sprang from his jeans, unhindered by underwear at the same time that I felt his strong grip on my own shaft. You chuckle and tell me to get back to work and that I might get lucky if I finish all of my chores.

As I arrive, the prudish hostess takes my coat and compliments my outfit but with a bit of disdain in her voice. As I step into the corner of the hallway to lift my dress to make the necessary adjustment, you happen to come around the corner and catch me.

You advise me to stay clear of the extra-sweet holiday punch, and you hand me a beautiful crystal glass with a smooth whiskey. The sexual chemistry is strong between us, so we flirt and kiss under the mistletoe.

She did include however that she did Continue reading → I'd been invited to a wedding and I was dateless, but thought I might be able to pick myself up a nice piece of ass at the reception. After I parked my bus I had about 3 hours more to kill and she walked up to me. We wnet and got something to eat and made small talk, to my surprise she spoke very good english. Continue reading → As soon as I knew I would be going to "the strip club" I got all excited and nervous at the same time, and more because I was going to best one in town. I don't think we talked for much more than 20 minutes or so before he invited me to sneak off to another room.

People always seem to get so pissed at weddings and often the girls really let their hair down and turned into horny little sluts. There isno activity yet in the young girl's bedroom. She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted me and no other driver to take her to L. So I left and we continued to talk all the way back to L. I went there for my first time w my friend that was turning 21, she was excited too as it was her first time too, and she loves pretty girls like I do too! The rest of the office went out, but I thought I'd get a sandwich from the machine and spend the time talking with you. We snuck into the downstairs bathroom and locked the door behind us.

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