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Smart Search will ask you a selection of questions to help determine which type of credit card best suits your needs, without leaving a mark on your credit file.

There are hundreds of different credit card deals but you can compare all the leading offers quickly and easily with Moneysupermarket’s online service.

If you switch the outstanding balance to a card that charges 0% interest for 24 months, you can instantly cut the cost of your debt.

Reward cards are ideal if you pay off your balance every month as the interest rate is irrelevant.

You also get some protection under the Consumer Credit Act if you buy something with a credit card.

Our guide explains how credit cards work – and how to select the right card for you.

People who have run up debts on another card or cards at a high rate of interest can save money with a balance transfer deal.

Let’s say you have accumulated debts of £3000 on a card that charges interest at 19%.

Shoppers should search for a deal that offers a low rate on purchases.

Some cards, for example, charge 0% on purchases for a number of months, and they can be a cost effective way to pay for a big ticket item, such as a washing machine or sofa.

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