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I wandered inside the building, the home of the Student Union, and opened the door to Falmer Bar.It was busy that late in the afternoon, and I was getting tired of sitting in bars and restaurants by myself.East Slope has been the hub for Sussex students for almost 4 decades and has hosted names such as Radiohead, Fatboy Slim and Brian May.It has been an integral part of student experience and without it the heart of the university and its legacy will be lost!I knew the banks of computers weren’t there thirty years ago, but nothing else seemed familiar. I still remember my flatmates going to the campus radio station on a Friday night and playing “19th Nervous Breakdown” for me because they thought I didn’t know how to have fun.And with all that, I still didn’t make it all the way through .I walked out of the station at Falmer (the town where Sussex is located), thinking that it used to have a door to the outside world because once when I was coming back with friends, I held the door for someone and then thanked her. I didn’t realize when I was there what a long, narrow campus it is.

I wandered through the stacks and up and down the stairs, wondering why I didn’t remember this building at all.

The one on the left definitely lived at Park Village, as you can see from the second picture.

During my campus visits, I found a building in Park Village that was unlocked and went in.

By then, I mean 1982–1983, when I was an exchange student from Georgetown University to the University of Sussex in southeast England, near Brighton; and 1985, when I made a brief visit as part of a work trip. I never thought I would be away from England for nearly thirty years.

When I arrived on campus in mid-April, I was expecting to see the campus and say, “Well, I remember that and that and THAT! Tuesday afternoon I took a self-guided tour, using an mp3 file that I downloaded from the university website.

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