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(High Recommended) Dictionary Attack – Recover lost RAR password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary as a password.Self-created dictionary in any language is also supported.Don’t get me wrong: over-the-air acquisition from Apple i Cloud without requiring the user’s Apple ID or password is great news, and no other company in the world can do it.But you’ll still need the suspect’s PC with i Cloud Control Panel installed.To make any change with the protected document, you need to enter your password to unlock the document. Here I am going to show you a simple way how to remove forgotten Word password when you need to make a change with your protected Word 2016/2013/2010/2007 document.This method only works with Word document protected with modify password.Recover Fast with GPU & Multi-core CPU Recover RAR password at high speed by using advanced SSE technology and new search algorithm.Allow you to accelerate RAR password recovery with Multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA GPUs and ATI Open CL GPUs.

If you web-search on "unlocking word document," you get a bunch of pages with advice that doesn't work under Windows, or pointers to paid software.

Opening i Cloud Control Panel in Windows: Opening i Cloud Control Panel in Mac: And here is the i Cloud Control Panel itself (Win/Mac): These are the actual backups as listed by i Cloud Control Panel (Win/Mac): If you are not familiar with i Cloud, you can get more information from Apple’s official Web site: So now you have the right PC, and are pretty sure it has i Cloud authentication tokens. You’ll need to use command-line tools supplied with Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker to search for and to extract authentication tokens.

Note that you can extract tokens that belong to all users on that system, including domain users (if you have their system login and password).

Additionally, if the Word document is also protected with a file open password, you need to remove the file open password before using this method to remove editing restrictions.

I have a Microsoft document that is locked down and can't even be viewed without the forgotten password.

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