Great subject lines for dating emails

This goes for email, sales copy, content, video, podcasts, and anything else. Email Ben Settle Recently, I was reading about a chick with some community college business course experience who is so fed up with the male patriarchy and capitalism running the business world, she decided to bewb-up and make a difference. To start a feminist business school to fight masculine capitalism. But, I think feminists would do better listening to their uncle el Benbo.

According to the news story, she said it’s much better to have businesses run on feminine traits — like mindfulness, gratitude, and generosity, to promote the “redistribution of money and power” (exact quote) — than it is to have businesses run on masculine traits — like individualism, speed, and efficiency. In fact, here’s my 100% “feminist-friendly” 3-step business plan: But, I’ll admit: My ways are 100% based on capitalism. (Mindfulness, gratitude, and generosity don’t exactly pay the bills in my experience.) So probably a non-starter for many feminists. Go here to learn my evil, toxic-patriarchal email copywriting ways:

(The above is just one of many, and one of my subscribers even gifts it to her best clients.) Speaking of clients: The February issue goes to the printer soon. works just as well, if not better, for picking up high quality clients and customers and keeping them around for the long haul, too.

It’s got all kinds of ideas (proven) on how to attract, make more fees from, and get along better with high quality clients (while SPURNING the low quality ones). Email Ben Settle For the past few years, I’ve dedicated the February issues of Email Players to helping men (not so much women, although dames can get Value out of it) with their dating/relationship problems, while also showing the muney-making business parallels. These issues always tend to get a lot of interesting feedback.

But this isn’t just my opinion, it also happens to be a fact, too. To rub it in to the women who read my daily mind farts? But, also, it reminds me of a privilege anyone can have — man or woman — when it comes to making a lot of sales.

Something I like to call: “Mail Privilege” Want an advantage over pretty much anyone you compete against?

” You can learn a lot about marketing, branding, positioning, copywriting, messing with your competition’s heads (like he did to DC Comics for years), and creativity reading this book. He talks about how he saved soldiers from syphilis when he was in the army.Especially if you get bogged down with overwhelm for ideas, copy, etc.Speaking of simple: One of the things I teach in my monthly “Email Players” newsletter is simplicity. I don’t do complicated because it doesn’t work nearly as well as simple.This “swipe and deploy” strategy can be very lucrative for the copywriter who’s about to get canned because his clients aren’t as focused on the big picture as they are.Something more: There’s been a pleasant trend afoot with copywriters, coaches, and other service providers insisting their clients subscribe to “Email Players”. And, I can tell you pretty much everything that works for picking up chicks, finding a quality woman, and keeping a woman from going feral on your arse and leaving you for some schmuck…

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