Margaux bossieux dating site

Emily seems to know who her father and his magazine are.

At that point Margaux explains that she has come to the States to create the American version of Voulez magazine.

Margaux questioned Jack about Nolan's remark, so Jack finally revealed the truth to Margaux about Conrad and how dangerous he could be if she continued to dig for more information.

Upon learning this, Margaux told Jack that she would stop, which in part was because she cared for him.

But Emily then made an announcement to the press, saying that Lydia shot her which resulted in Margaux losing the exclusive and she became angry with Jack.

Jack told her that Daniel shot Emily and was trying to cover it up and she decided not to mention Lydia in the article after all.

Jack visited her and noticed that Lydia was missing in the photos.

Victoria visited Margaux asking for help, thinking that Conrad was framing her, but she told her that Lydia wasn't in the photos.

Then Jack gave her the excuse that there was an intruder and they kissed.

During the launching she was expecting the visit of her father but instead of coming he gave her back her first installment full of corrections.

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