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No one took any notice of him, it wasn't until later after what he did that we realized he drove to Vegas that afternoon.

Everyone at the center is shocked.'Other diners at the senior center recall Paddock as an 'unsociable' and 'quiet' man who liked to sit alone to eat his lunch and who was 'in a world of his own'.

He was known to do his shopping at Walmart, to drink Starbucks coffee, order take out Domino's Pizza and enjoyed playing the slots at the Virgin River casino in town.

I once helped serve carrot cake and recall giving Stephen some.'It used to be .50 a meal, but then it went up to .50.They receive applications from new ladies every day due to the Bravo TV show, The Millionaire Matchmaker.However, the site has an intensive acceptance policy.'They don't get a chance to have much of a social life.'Stephen didn't seem to me like he was in to anything else other than deep thinking of how he was going to play his next poker game.'Mr Blake says Paddock's behavior stood out because a lot of people who come to the center want to socialize and take part in the many fun activities it offers.The center plays music, has sock hops, seasonal parties and offers group games as well as jig saw puzzles. Although Paddock had a girlfriend, Marilou Danley, he was only seen at the center alone and didn't join in.

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