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Despite his wealthy family's strong opposition, Jin-Hee and Chang-Min decided to get married. Chang-Min though gave up his medical internship and began working as a pharmaceutical salesman. Chang-Min's family looked down on Jin-Hee and even Chang-Min seemed to change. the genre is medical but alot of romance and childish tantrums of a doctor. But i think it the most fun yet accurate medical drama, of course with romance coemdy blend with it , it was becoming more entertain. I loveee it so much I never want it to end I don't care whether the actresses and actors get old it must go onnnn please make another episode !!!!! I really really wanted Chief and OJH to be together...Chang-Min began to think terribly of Jin-Hee and they finally divorced. then i came to like Song Ji Hyo because of Running Man. Maybe it feel more focus in both the relationship between the two leads but they still maintain the medical stuff in this drama so relevant and not exaggerated, this is the best medical drama i've ever watched i think i just finished this drama and wow i luvd happy endings! I'm pretty upset that they didn't get together at the end.

She then met medical school student Chang-Min (Choi Jin-Hyuk). hmm how should i put it, i'm not fan of medical drama and only watch a few. i hope the best eonni Tell me episode 21 was not the last thing ill see of this series .... I just felt like OJH got so soft in the middle of the drama and I liked her strong uptight character.

i luv choi jin hyuk, pil mo as well plus the lead actress; i feel sad when they got divorced & chang min wanted to get back to her but she at first was not interested anymore then in the middle of the series she changes her mind & wanted to start over but this time chang min i guess was hurt that he wanted to let go of her! I watched it for Song Ji Hyo but then the story was interesting (well, the first ep at least, the second made me write the first part of the comment). Shim, baby gook, jin ae, gwang soo, ah reum, yong gyu, the nurses, jin hee's mother, chang min's mother and all the rest...saranghaeyo :))))) it finally ended! :-) but now, i don't know what am i going to do with my life anymore. :-) some awkward scenes in the last episode but i guess it's a good ending :-) The beginning of this drama was headed in a great direction: strong female lead despite the emotional abuse she received from her ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law and her strength to renew her life. Definitely one of those slice of life dramas that really touch your heart. Hope in episode 20 they sort out the uncertainty feeling they have for one another.

there are so many things you'll learn in this drama, good writing/casts & storylines! i'm only on epis 18 but can't wait to finish it & some here was saying 21 episodes didn't seem enough & i believe i can agree with that statement! Just do something you can or call for someone capable of doing it ! I think i'll be able to finish it ~ I still don't know about the rest of the drama but I'll come back again after I finished it. well,, I do agree with the others that it's one of the amazing drama i've ever watched.. I would like to express my happiness watching this korean lovestory. no more emergency couple episodes to wait for on saturdays and sundays. Unfortunately, half-way through the show, the story line has taken a downhill. Whether you're medically-inclined or not, it doesn't really matter since anyone can relate to it one way or the other. What a fun and smiley korean drama, congratulation for all actors and crews who has made this drama became wonderfull.. Hope they show sweet romance and growth in Chang min and Jin hee relationship. for me, chief is just a nuisance between chang min and jin hee relationship.

at the first time i though ye jin's daughter is cheon soo's daughter, but she deny it. I would get frustrated.cried a lot when chang min leave.jin hee..that were me...

I wouldn't want to reconcile.much pain that I've gone through though...hmmmm... the love competition between Chang min and Chief Kook is going to be hot..

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