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With the pressure to stand out among the masses, people will often lie on their profile to appear more attractive.

This includes sprucing-up your physical description or digitally enhancing your display picture. Although it’s tempting, it’s also deceptive and completely pointless!

which brings up some memories of their own first days of school followed by a funny discussion of why men simply can't be allowed to plan anything.

— For many of you ladies, it may feel like you’re constantly losing out on great catches.

Many people are looking for love and yet they have no how to offer it, to hold on to it or to love it back when they have it. Learn how to from this free downloadable book online at dating don'ts is an ebook manual specifically geared towards men.

joy, peace, self-control, patience, faithfulness, goodness, kindness and gentleness are character traits that you can enhance within yourself to increase love in your life, so you can hold on to it and learn to offer it back in a healthy way.

Each quote helps the reader deal with any situation so they change their circumstances for the best.A confident, classy lady does not bare her goods for everyone to see.Although you’ll get your five minutes of online fame, you’ll just seem way too overzealous and perhaps even a tad desperate for some male attention.Instead, treat yourself like a woman who deserves to be chased.If he’s interested, he’ll ask you out and pursue you—but excessively checking in and looking for confirmation of his interest will scare him off.

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