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Alternatively, you can sign up to the Mind Ed learning community and complete several sessions or begin a learning path.

Creating an account means that your activity will be recorded in a personal learning account.

The e-learning content is written to be suitable for all types of users, from healthcare and non-healthcare workforces, such as teachers or GPs, through to the general public.

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Our aim is to provide simple, clear guidance on children and young people’s mental health, wellbeing and development to any adult working with children, young people and families, to help them support the development of young healthy minds.Young people’s understanding and experience of the digital world often exceeds that of adults and professionals.To help young people navigate the digital world we require more nuanced discussions and conversations about digital resilience.This resource aims to provide the tools to begin to explore digital resilience with young people by providing information on key concepts, new ideas and links for further information.For more exploration of theoretical underpinnings and deeper learning on this topic, come and try our e-learning session on digital risk and resilience, there are also sessions available specifically on risk elements: This resource does not claim to have all the answers.

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