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Eager to share her NSFW life behind the screen, she agreed to describe a typical day in the life of a fetish chat room operator, all from experiences she's actually had.

Wake up: Tanya turns on her laptop while brewing a pot of coffee and preparing breakfast.

But it’s her word against his, so she manages to escape by the skin of her teeth. She’s particularly hungry now that the day is winding down and her appetite has actually returned, so she orders a burger and fries.

Logging just a handful of hours, she’s made over 0 today. By the month’s end, she’ll receive a pretty hefty paycheck to set aside in her savings.

A submissive client wants her to strap a gas mask to his face to assist in sensory deprivation. After getting home from work, he fantasies about tying her to the bed and slapping her ass. She must have spoken with the same client from a different profile.

This happens every now and then and serves as a friendly reminder to keep better notes. Dinner and invoicing: Her invoice is due in at 7 p.m., so Tanya tallies her time while cooking dinner.

The leftover chili in the fridge will have to wait for her day off.

Back to the grind: A handful of regulars interested in polyamory are live on her buddy list, so Tanya decides to role-play as a 50-year-old straight woman in an open marriage.

Her stomach turns at the thought, so she decides to keep it light — a turkey sandwich and small fruit salad.

Another shares images of his homemade dildos, torture devices, and anal beads.

Since dominant profiles are her favorite to portray, she considers this a good start to the morning.

It all began in her early 20s, when Tanya was struggling to make ends meet shortly after college.

She happened across a friend working in the fetish industry who put her in touch with his boss.

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