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It will also allow people to create events and groups and focus on connecting people near you.But the most controversial feature; a face scan option that allows you to take a picture of someone and try to find them in Ripple.The 33-year-old Sydney dietitian says the pressure to have children when she was instead enjoying her career and independence drove her to an affair.The infidelity was a "catalyst" for the marriage ending, something Casey said changed her life for the better."I went from having a marriage and living just with my husband to living with 12 people in London," Casey says."I travelled a lot, I met a lot of amazing people and true friends that are scattered all over the world."It was the best and worst year of my life."Although guilt-ridden from her infidelity, it prompted a re-evaluation of her values and life."I'm healthier because now I like to keep in shape and I don't have anyone else I have to fit in with."Casey isn't the only one to have experienced health benefits post-divorce.

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“Certainly, the swipe was interesting, engaging and fun.Signs included a decrease in BMI, waist size and diastolic blood pressure, as well as better eating and greater physical activity."If I'd stayed married I no doubt would have had a lovely life, because my ex-husband is a lovely person," Casey says."But I knew in my mind I wanted more from life than just a beautiful relationship."Life coach Jenny Smith from the Divorced Women's Club in Brisbane works with women to "rediscover themselves".Regularly she sees divorcee women improve gain better career opportunities, life experiences and romantic connections."I know it's a shitty time and there is work to get through it, but it's that exciting part at the end where I see a woman realise it's not that they don't want a man, they just don't need one."Some research also supports divorce leading to a happier life.Ripple got its start as a Tinder hackathon project but instead of introducing business networking as a tinder feature, owner of Tinder IAC’s Match Group came to an agreement to create Ripple App Corp as a separate company and fund it.Match Group now has an undisclosed, minority stake in the new app according to Techcrunch.

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