Topics to talk about while dating men

Which brings us to the reason why some men actually enjoy gossip, simply because they get none of it elsewhere.Beware though, the gossip must come in doses or else you’ll just scare the guy off, sending him running for the hills.This is because the health benefits and rules become imprinted in your brain.Besides talking about it, fitness can also be a big ice breaker in terms of conversations or even setting up a gym date.A little secret some men may have that might not be all that apparent is their love for some good old gossip.For the most part, men and their male counterparts do very little gossiping, guy conversations basically consist of favorite pass times and their casual work conversations, anything pertaining to gossip is extremely limited among men for the most part.Money is a topic most men discuss with women, whether it be with a casual friend, a date or in a long-term relationship the topic just always seems to come up.When just meeting a new face, some men love to flaunt their money, by discussing how much of it they have.

Like music, television and film can unite the opposite sex and cause a bond to be formed.

Some guys eventually find themselves more comfotable with the opposite sex, often finding themselves surrounded by women, fully comfortable divulging their inner secrets.

Ok, maybe that’s a little too far but as the years role along men grow accustomed to conversing with women. In this article, we will discuss some topics that men love to talk exclusively to women about.

The bro code as a young boy: “don’t talk to girls, they're yucky and the all have cooties." The bro code as a man: “talk to girls before they run away." Times certainly do change throughout life.

During our youth, boys run away from girls and prefer spending time with other boys who they find share common interests with them.

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