Updating nuvi 260

To use them you may need to deselect the preinstalled maps and I'm not sure how that's done on the c340.On a Nuvi it's just a matter of tapping a checkbox in a list of available maps.I believe the C340 has it's maps preinstalled on the device.If so, you can place other maps on an SD card and they would not effect the preinstalled maps.Other option is to reload new map witch will cover all area that is need. If you use any of this maps share on this topic details.

Sometimes I don't realize I left the site to visit a link and close the window.If previous posts are any indication, I may stick with the Garmin maps as they are paid for.As I noted earlier, the main advantage the OSM maps have right now is they are correct for a new bypass on NY-17/I-86 in Parksville, NY.I've played with both the US and the Canada maps from that site.They seem pretty detailed but the problem I found was that they would produce some weird routes on occasion.

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