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Dating has changed significantly due to the digital revolution; both positively and negatively.

Catfish: The TV Series, a new MTV production, attempts to tackle the misconceptions and myths that surround online dating.

While the first episode is troubling, it highlights one of the major pitfalls of online dating.

Ryan knocks heads in an elevator with the gorgeous Jessica, passing out before getting her number.The chosen couple meet for the first time on the show, agreeing to allow their interaction to be filmed.These couples are filmed in their first interactions and general feelings are revealed in a private, interview-style discussion.(That one didn't make it to air on the West Coast.) There were so many gloriously weird moments from "The Gong Show," we couldn't possibly include them all. Barris , we're sharing four of our favorite instances of his "stuff" from the series. Gene Gene the Dancing Machine The 1974 hit "Feelings" by Morris Albert was a pretty big deal at the time, but we're still not sure audience members deserved to watch an entire episode of people attempting to croon the tune (which was covered by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Engelbert Humperdinck and Johnny Mathis). Except for that one time, during one of Gene's routines, when she hastily unbuttoned her shirt and flashed everyone while the camera was on her.Still, it's worth remembering as an example of surreal TV at its best. (You can watch it here, if you're so inclined.) It got her banned from the show. Teen totally nails Michael Jackson's moves at talent show And they say today is the Golden Age of television? Thanks for all the weird times and the laughs, Chuck Barris!

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