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You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill's secure site.Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment system.He bustled off and before too long there was a flurry and a wild flapping of white coats.

On Wednesday, October 20, I was to present the BBC’s ­coverage of the Chancellor’s spending review all day from College Green at Westminster.He and a couple of other people managed to lift me off the scooter and put me into a wheelchair to take me to casualty.The chair, bizarrely, was designed to be pulled rather than pushed.I hadn’t got far on my Vespa when I went up the outside lane of some stationary traffic and as the lights changed I moved into a gap that had opened. I tried to regain balance and thought I had – then the back of the bike swung round ­violently and threw me off. If you’re a skier, this was the equivalent of a humiliating fall because you’ve crossed your skis while mucking around on a nursery slope. And there I was, stuck in the middle of the road, traffic moving in both directions, with a leg that wasn’t obeying instructions, leaning against a scooter, looking a little forlorn, and the live show at Westminster drawing closer. But I think the thought processes went something like this.One: Oh gawd, now that I have sent everyone away, what am I meant to do?

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